2012 Junior Residents In Schooner Bay

By in News on July 5, 2012

During the 2nd to the 4th of July 2012, I participated in the Third Annual Schooner Bay Sculpture Symposium with other Popopstudios Junior Resident artists. I found this trip to be most insightful and definitely an experience to cherish. Through our collaborative teamwork in clearing an area, we found ourselves engaging in profound discussions on object importance, context, concepts, artist responsibility and process.

This trip helped me gain a deeper outlook not just on my own work, but the way I process the works of other artists, which renews understanding of my own efforts.

Moreover, through the collaborative work, we emphasized the importance of not always giving an opinion but being able to receive, appreciate and internalize the responses of others or just listening to their thoughts on the issue at hand.

Group work may seem unfavorable to most, but here we recognized the benefits of working in such cohesiveness. Once of the significant benefits, is the collection of varied view points on the situation as well as the varied possible solutions.

Yutavia George
Photos courtesy of Antonius Roberts

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