2013 Popop Junior Residency Prize Winners

By in News on May 14, 2013

Meet the future of art!

Congratulations to Giovanna Swaby and Kachelle Knowles for winning the Popop Junior Residency Prize for 2013.

These are two of the youngest and brightest artists in the country. Stay connected to watch their progress for the next year at popopstudios.com.

Dialogue + Collaboration = Successful Creative Community!!

~ John Cox

Offered in conjunction with the D’ Aguilar Art Foundation, the Popop Junior Residency Prize allows students the opportunity to explore new artistic paths, to learn and experiment while developing their skills.

The students will be given a studio to share and are invited to interact with artists who hold studios at Popop.

Gio and Kachelle both expressed excitement about the summer ahead.

Additionally, the junior resident artists will be escorted on learning trips. In past years, junior residents travelled to New York to visit galleries and museums. They also gained experience in sustainable art during an eco-art symposium led by Antonius Roberts at Schooner Bay.

This is the fourth year that Popopstudios is offering the program.

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