A Conversation With Junior Artists

By in News on September 2, 2012

2012 Popopstudios Junior Residency Prize (PJRP) winners – Steven Schmid, Veronica Dorsett and Yutavia George have just completed a three-month art residency at Popopstudios, where they communed with, and worked alongside, professional artists.

During Coffee Hour at Hillside House last week the young artists shared their experiences this summer. They talked about participating in the eco-art symposium at Schooner Bay, touring the vast art scene in New York City and some of the eye-opening sights NYC had to offer. They discussed their opportunities to exhibit their work in various shows, the value of collaboration and how this summer has helped them to grow as artists.

The video below… humble though it is, reveals fragments of the animated, constructive conversation at Hillside House.

Photos and humble video by Ana-Lisa Wells

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