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By in News on May 14, 2012

Combining Health and Wellness with the value of Art and Beauty. The Salus Project is for young artists to express themselves in all five areas of Wellness: Spiritual, Financial, Physical, Emotional and Social.

The launch is on May 17th, 7-10pm, in The Ladder Gallery at New Providence Community Centre, Blake Rd. & JFK Drive. The art will be displayed for four weeks.

The Family Medicine Center on Blake Road is set to open an art gallery on the premises under the Salus Project in order to introduce artwork that promotes wellness.

Founded by Dr. Graham Cates and Nurse Anita Cates out of their passion for wellness and art, The Salus Gallery breaks through the traditional gallery setting and brings art in to the public places of care to assist in the healing of patients and to bring about a deeper understanding of wellness and art.

“The Salus Project will have an amazing impact on our clients and staff, ” says Dr. Cates.”It is a wonderful opportunity for new and seasoned artists to showcase their work within a healing environment.”

Latin for wholeness, wellness and salvation, ‘salus’ is a perfect name for the gallery and for the project itself. For the founders art is an expression of life and therefore is a perfect channel to express the multi-dimensional concept of wellness in all its elements: physical, emotional, social, financial and spiritual.

Its new exhibition, “5 Elements, 5 Artists” invited five student artists to address these different aspects of wellness that are integral to a more successful life.

The founders point out that students are the foundation for the future of art in the Bahamas and therefore should be lifted up and honoured and given every opportunity to showcase their talents.

Before this exhibition goes to its final home of the Family Medicine Center, however, viewers can engage with the work at the Ladder Gallery in the New Providence Community Center at its opening on May 17 from 7:00pm to 10:00pm, where it will remain on display for four weeks.

The founders point out that as beauty, art and wellness are core values upheld by New Providence Community Church, it’s the perfect place for the exhibition to start. After all, everyone in the community can benefit from a reminder to practice wellness in their daily lives.

Participating Artists: Preston Hanna, Yutavia George, Jeffery Meris, June Collie and Kachelle Knowles

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