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By in News on April 25, 2012

Thanks to a collaboration between the National Art Galley of The Bahamas and The Guardian Radio Station 96.9 FM, visual art and culture will reach more ears locally and regionally.

Hosted by John Cox, the chief curator at the National Art Gallery of The Bahamas, “The NAGB: Blank Canvas” runs every Wednesday evening between 6:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. on Guardian Radio 96.9 FM.

True to its name, the talk radio show will develop organically, featuring local and visiting artists as well as writers, curators, educators, collectors, scholars, cultural icons and beyond to speak on a variety of contemporary art and art-related issues.

Such a show, says Cox, will work towards taking the local arts and culture scene to the masses.

“I think a big part of our dilemma is that art is the passenger and the vehicle and I think really what we’re trying to do is be the vehicle and invite different passengers to come along for the ride,” he said.

“What I hope to achieve with the show is to break down the glass barrier between us and the community,” he continued. “I think conversation permeates so many different avenues for people in all parts of society. I think people understand what you say sometimes more than what you show them or ask them to read.”

John Cox, Amanda Coulson, Jay Koment

Indeed, the show ties into the slogan for the institution, “The NAGB belongs to you”, continuing to build upon its mission to make the at times intimidating institution and the wider art community more accessible.

“Part of our mission is to reach people who are not in the arts community yet,” explained Director at the NAGB Amanda Coulson. “The problem is any kind of art institution is always perceived as being exclusive and we’re not. And the only way to let people know is to use media that will reach more people – TV and radio.”

Coulson will often support Cox as a co-host to the show, as well as visiting hosts from the NAGB supporting staff, including Ashley Knowles, Nastassia Pratt, Averia Wright, Jackson Petit and Jordia Benjamin.

Tune in to The Guardian Radio Station 96.9 FM every Wednesday night at 6:30pm to catch “Blank Canvas”. You can also listen live on

Sonia Farmer,
Arts & Culture
The Nassau Guardian
Published: Saturday, April 20, 2012

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