Art Tours & Field Trips

By in Programming on April 3, 2012

Program Facilitator: Katrina Cartwright
Grades 1-12
Maximum 30 students

Program Description

Popopstudios International Center for the Visual Arts is establishing an initiative to connect with primary and secondary schools throughout Nassau, by offering a field trip package that includes a tour of multiple art spaces which will culminate in an art activity related to the work on display. The gallery spaces would vary depending on the exhibitions being shown and activities planned. Buses will transport students to and from the selected venues. Schools will be responsible for their own transportation unless other arrangements have been made with Popopstudios. The cost of bus travel is not included in the initial fee.

Field Trips

The format of the field trips will mimic that of an art tour, which will ultimately culminate in a half hour activity that will be held at Popopstudios. The facilitator or a guest artist, depending on the medium and technique being used, will direct these activities.  It is hoped that during these outings students will visit two art galleries, Popopstudios being one of them.

Some of the gallery spaces that could potentially be visited are:

Doongalik Studios


The Hub

The Pro Gallery

Antonius Roberts Studio and Gallery At Hillside House

Activities will relate to the exhibitions on display and will vary depending on the size and average age of the group.


Schools are responsible for securing their own transportation. Popopstudios is willing to organize busing for schools if they desire. Please note that the bus fare will be added to the original cost of the field trip.


Designated field trip days are Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 10am-1pm. In the event that an alternative day and time is desired we will try to accommodate you depending on our schedule and those of the galleries.

Cost and Outline of Services Offered

The cost per child is $35. Please note that bus fare is not included.

The following is an outline of what the fee covers.

(1) Admission fee for the galleries attended

(2) All materials used during the art activity

(4) Project director

(5) Project assistant

(6) Guest artists

Please note that an optional field trip package of $25 is also available. In this instance students will be given a tour of Popopstudios’ gallery and grounds, then complete the field trip with an art activity.

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