Artist Profile: Richardo Barrett

By in News on October 12, 2011

Mixed Media Artist

Richardo O. Barrett was born on the 9th of January 1990 to Richard and Vivienne Barrett. As a child, he wasn’t necessarily the creative type but spent most of his time indulged in National Geographic documentaries and books. His artistic interest didn’t begin until grade six at T.G. Glover Primary where he began to draw.

During this time, his love for drawing grew and combined with his fondness for nature, Barrett took the initiative to begin illustrating diagrams for his science class. Soon, everyone wanted him to draw their diagrams. But this wasn’t enough for him and popular cartoons became his new point of interest. This sparked his creativity even more and he began to compete with other students in school. That spirit of always wanting to become better encouraged and fed his interests in and his need to create art.

Barrett entered the art programme at C. R. Walker Senior High School and he also participated in the 2006 RBC Finco Summer Art Workshop where at the end of the programme he was awarded 1st place in both Painting and Drawing. Additionally, because of the fine instruction he received from the RBC Finco Workshop, along with guidance from his high school art teachers, Barrett received Best Performance Award in the 2007 BGCSE examinations for both painting and craft in the Art and Design subjects.

In 2008, Barrett enrolled in the College of The Bahamas as an architect major. But in 2009, after recognising his calling was really to be an artist, he successfully switched to the art programme where he has been pursuing his degree in art.

During his enrollment at the College of The Bahamas, Barrett has participated in a number of exhibitions including the 25th Annual Central Bank Art Competition and Exhibition (2008, receiving Honorable Mention) and the Annual Colour of Harmony Exhibition at the College of The Bahamas.

This year has been one of the most rewarding for Barrett having been chosen as the first recipient of The Antonius Roberts Award.

The award is a distinguished residency sponsored by accomplished Master Artist Antonius Roberts where the awardee receives three months of an all expenses paid personal studio space at Popopstudios, full access to Antonius Roberts’ studio resources, private sessions with Roberts every Wednesday for one-on-one crits and general discussions about art, a venture to Schooner Bay, Abaco and an exciting ten day art-centered trip to New York.

When asked about the choice of Barrett, Roberts said, “When I decided to support a budding artist, I contacted (artist) John Cox for recommendations. Without hesitation, he introduced me to Richardo Barrett. Richardo is a quiet and unassuming young man with a huge desire to succeed. His discipline is unmatched and his technical skills are outstanding. I am thankful for the opportunity to meet and work with him during his residency at Popopstudios.”

Barrett will be showcasing new paintings and illustrations in a two-man exhibition entitled “Fallen Transitions” at Popopstudios International Center for the Visual Arts in Chippingham on Thursday, October 20, 2011 along with fellow Junior Artist-in-Residence June Collie. The students were given a studio to share and enjoyed the ability to interact with practicing Bahamian and International artists at Popopstudios over three months spanning June to August, 2011.

Of this experience, Barrett states, “One of the things I valued was the fact that there was a community of artists and a dialogue that happened amongst us being there. It wasn’t only me in the studio creating work; I also got to communicate with other artists.”

(Courtesy of the Dawn Davies Collection: Images of Innocence, Smokin, Happy Days, The Big Lie, Japanese Teapot, Let’s Eat and The Traveler)
Source: Bahamian Art & Culture : No. 56

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