Bahamian Artist On Cover Of Caribbean Arts Journal

By in In The Community on November 19, 2013

The cover art for the inaugural issue of Moko is provided by the young and promising Piaget Moss from The Bahamas.

Moko is a Caribbean Arts & Letters journal dedicated to publishing new works by emerging and established poets, fiction writers, and artists in and from the Caribbean.

Moko will publish every November, March, and July. Their aim is to be an open and accessible source for Caribbean art and letters for students, academics, and the general public.

In this issue, they feature the work of eight Caribbean writers and artists who practice everywhere from Trinidad to New York City, from Tortola to Accra. Their goal is to encourage networks, connections, and growth across artistic media and national borders, to showcase the work of local creatives alongside those working abroad and wanting to stay in dialogue with home.

They also hope to connect artists, students, academics, and readers in their native U.S. and British Virgin Islands with like-minded communities around the region and its diaspora, something that doesn’t happen nearly enough. Moko remains an open space committed to multiplicity and to learning and growing alongside their contributors and readers.

Source: Bahamian Art & Culture

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