Because Drawing Round Squares Takes Practice

By in Previous Exhibitions on February 4, 2014

Photo by Lisa Wells

With the work being produced directly in the gallery space, the conversation between artist and material has yielded a methodology where the work exists as a cumulative presentation.

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At once a sculpture, installation and drawing, Schmid and Whitehead have substituted wooden beams, nails, concrete and rope for a pencil.

A description rather than a definition, the work articulates more presence than effacement, and certitude than experiment. The once purposeful material is now read as a mark. A synonym for the accumulation in the Bahamian landscape, familiar objects are re-identified but not redefined.

Listen to Heino Schmid and Tessa Whitehead discussing their collaboration with John Cox on ‘Blank Canvas‘ 96.9fm

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About The Artists:
Heino Schmid (1976): recent exhibitions include ‘Material and Sculpture’, Liquid Courage Gallery (2013), Into the Mix, Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft, Louisville USA (2012), Wrestling with the Image, Art Museum of Americas, Washington, USA (2011). Schmid received The Commonwealth Connections International Residency Award (2010).

Tessa Whitehead (1985): recent exhibitions include ‘Wells Art Contemporary Prize, Well’s Museum, UK (2013), Painting Parade, LeandaKateLouise, London, UK (2013), COPY, Paper Gallery, Manchester, UK (2013). Whitehead was awarded Chisenhale Studio Residency (2013).

Because Drawing Round Squares Takes Practice
Heino Schmid & Tessa Whitehead
Popopstudios International Centre for the Visual Arts
26, Dunmore Avenue, Chippingham, Nassau
Exhibition continues to March 22nd 2014

Photos: Close-ups courtesy of Tessa Whitehead; Room views by Ana-Lisa Wells

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