Bahama Woodstarr Begs, Borrows and Steals For Upcoming Show

By in News on May 23, 2013

Bahamian artist Tyler Johnston, who works under the pseudonym of Bahama Woodstarr, will open his conceptual art show “Beg, Borrow, Steal” May 31st at Liquid Courage Gallery in Nassau, Bahamas.

The show is comprised of found objects which have literally been, begged, borrowed, and stolen. All of the objects are painted various shades of pink and some have been reconstructed or rearranged. Painting the objects pink changes the perceived content of an object’s identity.

The viewer is offered an opportunity to look at the object in a new way, becoming hyper aware of its texture and shape.

“Once an object is painted,” says Johnston, “the perception of its value and identity changes.” In addition to being painted, the value of each piece is associated with the story behind it or the way in which it was obtained.

Bahama Woodstarr, along with iconic Bahamian Artist Kendal Hanna, will also debut a short performance during the show on the evening of 31st of May, titled, like the show: Beg Borrow, Steal.

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