In January 2008, Popop Studios expanded its reach and facilities to accommodate resident artists, as well as an exhibition space. Popop became a self-sustaining entity of the Bahamian art community, providing exposure to students through its residency program while representing The Bahamas, and providing platforms for artists on an international level. Over the years Popop became home to so many, but in (insert year here) in the wake of hurricane Matthew, Popop became uninhabitable. Eleven years after it’s inception, Popop now takes on a new life. In lieu of a monetary compensation for artworks loaned by Dawn Davies to The Current for the Fairwind exhibition, funds totalling the value of the loaned artworks were designated for the renovation of Popop Studios.

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Artworks by Angelika Wallace-Whitfield • Popopstudios


We exist in an ambiguous tug of war. There is a master dichotomy governing us all between our inner protected vulnerabilities and our outer, the amount of our self that we allow others to see.

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The Nassau Airport Development Company (NAD) hosted an open house last weekend to show off the new U.S. departures terminal at the Lynden Pindling International Airport. The 247,000 sq. ft. eco-friendly terminal is the first phase of the $409.5 million airport redevelopment project. Amongst it’s highlights are artworks created specifically for the space by Bahamian artists John Beadle, Nicole Sweeting, Susan Katz-Lightbourn and John Cox.

Of the 12 artists selected to display artwork throughout the airport’s new facilities, four of them are from Popopstudios Center for the Visual Arts. The work of Popopstudios artists Susan Katz-Lightbourn and John Cox is already hanging as part of the the first phase of the airport redevelopment. Art by Popopstudios’ JP Saddleton and Dede Brown will be featured along with other Bahamian artists in upcoming phases.