Cox Thanks Community For Supporting Popop Relief Efforts

By in News on November 28, 2016


I want to thank everyone that came out to CAT4 this weekend at The Island House. I was humbled by the show of support and enthusiasm for the cause. Popopstudios ICVA has been a significant artistic landmark for many artists in the Bahamas and the region.

We look forward to continuing to provide a platform for the creative community both local and international and see this moment as one to pause and refocus on what we established almost 20 years ago. Popop has hosted over 50 exhibitions, 12 international residencies, 21 local junior residencies and has been a home to more than 40 artists in our time functioning.

Through the ups and downs the Popop brand has maintained its soul and purpose because key players never gave up on what the space meant and could mean to so many people. Popop is by no stretch perfect and probably will never be but we will ‘persevere!’ through it all.

Special thanks to Heino Schmid the longest standing Popop artist who also coordinated the relief exhibition ‘Post’ three weeks ago that yielded significant funds for our repairs.

Thanks Khia, Thanks Tebby, Thanks Jazz Cats and Thanks Diandria for setting a perfect vibe the whole evening.

Special thanks to The Island House for their continued support and partnership with Popop and for hosting this awesome event. Lauren Holowesko, Will McKechnie, and Mark Holowesko thank you so much for your interest and dedication to me and my studio. I am very grateful for everything.

The CAT4 exhibition will continue to run for another week so please if you haven’t yet, go and experience the work. Also limited edition t-shirts I printed on the night are on sale in aid of the studio.


[Published on John Cox’s Facebook page on November 28, 2016]

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