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Photo: Lisa Wells

Photo: Lisa Wells

In response to my first series Transcendence where two oddities coexist in a transient environment, Cygnus is of one body that evolves into the other to live in an ideal.

Significant moments become of this trek, as I challenge, reject and develop what is fulfilling my life to be more minimal and honest to myself. Intense emotions I feel and deep scenarios that I may be in are filtered through the work. This allows the curated exhibition to breathe the same aura that I possess.

Aesthetically the gallery is atmospheric, fragile and moody. Cygnus consists of abstract paintings, experimental videos and found-object assemblages. My surroundings influence the inception of the work, but the art is invested in internal environments of the viewer and myself. The audience and I may feel as if we are floating in the space, for the work is quite tidal.

In addition, the videos manipulate time, and may project a specific ambience and even absorb sensory details of the space. So there is a movement between specificity of the site and the virtual worlds of the art, which ultimately is the act of transcending and coexisting.

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Finally, working with the curator of Cygnus, Heino Schmid, has been invigorating. I find it useful that he delves into my work with enthusiasm and generosity. There is a steady dialogue that promotes experimentation, understanding, resolutions and footing for future developments.

Statement by Dominique Knowles.
Source: ARC Magazine

The exhibition will run until July 14, 2014

Collage: Photos of opening night. Photo credit: Popopstudios

Drowning IV, Digital Still, 00:57 (loop), 2014, courtesy of the artist


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