Deception Exhibition Closes

By in News on February 3, 2012

The exhibition, “Deception” – launched December 8, 2011 – showcases the works of seventeen brilliant visual artists from The Bahamas, each expressing their personal interpretations of the theme “Deception”.  The photographs, encompass an array of imaging techniques and visual styles and had never been exhibited before.

Contributing artists: Jason Bennett, Dede Brown, Kendal Hanna, Sabrina Lightbourn, Phoebe Luk, Jeff Major, Holly Parotti, Alistair Stevenson, John Cox, Lisa Wells, Lyndah Wells, Ash Henderson, Jackson Petit, Heino Schmid, Duke Wells, Kishan Munroe and Steffon Grant.

Some of the artists featured in the Deception exhibition

In an article in the Nassau Guardian, Sonia Farmer wrote: Indeed, the fact that many of the contributing artists are primarily known for their work in other media such as paint, sculpture, and drawing stands as a testament to the wide range of work viewers can expect to see. In fact, many of them admit that they use photography at some point in their artistic practice, whether the final piece uses an actual photograph or not.

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