Dede Puts Caribbean Flare On Never Ending Mural

By in News on August 30, 2011

Bahamian artist Dede Brown has added her own Caribbean flare to the Never Ending Mural and has confirmed that the Bahamas loves Ipswich!

Dede is participating in an Artist’s Exchange Programme between Ipswich Art School and Popopstudios in The Bahamas, for the ‘Stories of the World’ Programme set up for the London 2012 Cultural Olympiad. In the three months that Dede has been in Ipswich she has made some strong connections, especially with Never Ending Mural.

Dede has turned her skills to mural painting while she has been residing in Ipswich. When speaking about the Never Ending Mural she said; “the mural has become a very enthusiastic community driven project, involving many people living in the town. Having played a small part it is easy to see how this inspirational project has captured the town’s imagination”.

About the Project
The Never Ending Mural is an ambitious community led project that will transform the face of Ipswich, and will see artwork installed at a number of locations across the town for Ipswich residents and visitors to enjoy.

Project curator John D Edwards is sure that more and more people from all over the world will want to be involved: ‘Ipswich is becoming synonymous with success and innovation in the arts and business through the Never Ending Mural, which is very exciting. We always believed that we had something special and unique that could help regenerate the town – and the interest that we are now receiving from far and wide will support this.

Bahamas artist Dede Brown has brought her own cultural influences to Ipswich by helping install a new huge 30metre wide artwork on the derelict ‘Silo’ building on Bridge Street. The artwork will be chosen as part of a community competition led by the Evening Star to welcome visitors and residents to the Waterfront and promote the Ipswich Maritime Festival.

Information Source: Ipswich Borough Council