Doongalik Studios To Host ‘Father Knowledge, Mother Tongue’

By in In The Community on November 28, 2013

Doongalik Studios announces their final Exhibition for the year, Father Knowledge, Mother Tongue, a contemporary art show by Angelika Wallace-Whitfield which will open on Thursday, December 5 from 6-9pm.

Slated to be an interesting glimpse into her life’s journey, this vibrant 20-year old Bahamian artist spoke in depth about her experiences whilst preparing for Father Knowledge, Mother Tongue. She reflected that the title “came about during the production of the art pieces for this show. The process was one that allowed me to explore myself as a mixed raced Bahamian-Jamaican who was raised in a broken family, and to delve into my own social and self-perception.

“I have always been interested in exploring contemporary reality, as well as the subconscious and social identity of individuals and how they interact. Our perception of ourselves can be identical or the opposite of the perception we give to others. Within the contents of the show, I have attempted to reveal the concealment of certain identity issues to create a confrontation of these issues that we tend to ignore.

“The first gesture, instinctive and simple is what interests me more than painting an intricate detail. My ‘style’ has moved from picturesque to instinctive and fluid, and I have been able to find a release within my work. This development has allowed me to take the realistic and abstract it, placing it next to another object or in another position to change its meaning.

“Working large will always be my first love. It allows the viewer to appreciate the image from a distance but as they move closer, the image distorts and leaves room for further interpretation. As an artist, limitations are death to creativity and by breaking down these barriers – creation, invention, and beauty are born.

“I always remind myself to stay malleable. The creative learning process never ends. When working on my pieces, I know they’re done when they aren’t done. I love the concept of process, and showing process through my work. By leaving my work undone, I leave it vulnerable and open for my audience’s imagination to engage in my work.”

Angelika has lived between The Bahamas and the United Kingdom. She has been immersed in art from early childhood, first by her mother and then by Sue Bennett-Williams, who, along with others have been strong inspirations for the concepts behind her work. Totally immersing herself in the local art scene, Angelika is also exhibiting in a collaborative show, “New New” at Popop Studios which opened last week, as well as displaying work at the National Art Gallery of The Bahamas as a part of the ASMAC 20 year Student Exhibition mounted by Sue Bennett-Williams.

Father Knowledge, Mother Tongue will be on display at Doongalik Studios until December 20. For further information please contact the Gallery at 394-1886.

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