Popop-Based Artists Produce El Padrino’s New Video

By in News on February 4, 2012

El Padrino’s Official Duffles Music Video is getting rave reviews around the world as one of the best music videos ever to be produced in The Bahamas.

El Padrino is a highly accomplished music producer and recording artist.

The Duffles Music Video, produced under the KAOS record label, was filmed and edited by Bahamian native Ryan Lightbourn.

Despite the challenging production logistics, “Duffles” was produced by Duke & Lisa Wells from Scary Baby Doll Productions on a very modest budget and was filmed entirely in Nassau and The Exumas.

People are calling “Duffles” the hottest music video ever produced in The Bahamas.

Watch the video. Behind-the-scenes photos

The Popop Connection

The “Stash House” and “Interrogation Room” scenes were both filmed at Popopstudios. Popop’s junior resident artist – Jeffrey Meris was hired to artfully paint the walls and help prepare the rooms.

The storyboards were created by illustrator Jace McKinney, who had a studio here.

Popopstudios-based fine art photographers, Duke and Lisa Wells, organized and produced the video under their production company – Scary Baby Doll Productions.

Duffles storyboard by Jace McKinney

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