Gallery Exhibitions

Solo or Group Exhibition Opportunities at Popopstudios – 2015

Popopstudios announces solo or group exhibition opportunities for artists in The Bahamas.

Our gallery at Popopstudios International Center for The Visual Arts is an established exhibition space in the heart of Nassau, close to Arawak Cay and the downtown shopping and restaurant district.

Popostudios Gallery accepts submissions for exhibitions from artists and curators throughout the year. We are searching for talented professional and emerging artists with a cohesive body of work to exhibit in our gallery space. It is recommended that applicants review Popop’s exhibition history before making application.

Benefits of having a solo or group show at Popopstudios:

  • Over 700 square ft of exhibition space
  • Excellent location in the center of New Providence
  • Flexible space for 2d or 3d art
  • Professional, adjustable track lighting
  • One evening reception promoted in local publications and to our extensive patron list
  • Popop provides light refreshments, plates, cups & napkins.
  • Our gallery staff handles all sales, processes payments, assists in exhibit installation, and helps coordinate exhibit receptions

Applying for a Solo or Group Show at Popopstudios

Artists are invited to submit work with a common theme, style or medium.

Please include (via email to

Completed Application Form. Application form can be downloaded from our website.

  1. $50 application fee. This fee refundable if work is not accepted.
  2. Images of 5-10 works in JPG format (no larger than 1MB each) or 5 minutes of video. Please do not send original materials as we are unable to return any submissions.
  3. List describing the title, medium, size and sale price of each work.
  4. Short statement of the work, one or two paragraphs in length. Consider discussing technique and materials used, and/or themes addressed
  5. Please write “Solo Show Application: Your Name” in subject line of e-mail.

The Exhibition Committee will determine the number of pieces to be exhibited, the duration of the exhibit, and exhibit placement but will attempt to accommodate an artist’s preference. The Committee reserves the right to select the individual works to be shown.  Artists may resubmit new work after one year.

Selection of Work for Exhibit

1. Exhibition facilities are offered by invitation of the Popopstudios Exhibition Committee. The Executive Director reserves final approval of any recommendations of the Committee.

2. The Exhibition Committee shall decide on the suitability of any art, its framing or support structure, and any visual or written material that might accompany an exhibit. The committee will consider a wide range of artistic expression in deciding on potential exhibitors.

3. Specifically, the Exhibition Committee seeks to satisfy the following objectives in selecting and developing exhibitions:

o Present a variety of works by local artists in the visual arts;
o Help local artists increase their public exposure;
o Promote art activities throughout the country.

4. Residence in The Bahamas is not required but may be considered in the selection process.

5. Unless otherwise agreed upon, works of art must be offered for sale.

6. Popopstudios promotes freedom of expression without restriction on content or form. However, in deciding the suitability of any work, the Committee is mindful that Popopstudios is a public space, open to all segments of the community and all age groups. The views expressed in the works exhibited at Popopstudios are those of the artist and are not necessarily those of Popopstudios and its staff.

7. Please note that submission selection is extremely competitive and that only a portion of our exhibition programming is comprised of proposals selected from submissions.

Exhibition Policies

1. Unless agreed upon in advance, works of art must be offered for sale, with prices established by the artist. No work may be removed from show during run of show, except by the Gallery. Popopstudios is responsible for conducting the sale of any work directly with the purchaser and will add appropriate VAT for each work sold. The artist should NOT include VAT when pricing their works.

2. Original works only. No giclees, prints (including prints that have been painted on) or other reproductions may be hung in a solo show, except in the case of photography shows.

3. The artist will pay the following fees:

$50 application fee, then $350 for a three-week solo show, or $400 if alcohol is to be served at the reception (covers bartender fee); for a total cost of $400 (w/o alcohol) or $450 (w/alcohol).  These fees will be applied against a 35% commission Popop will take for each work sold.  Artist will be responsible for providing wine or alcoholic beverages, if desired.

4. Artist is required to host one reception in honor of their exhibition, to be held the first Thursday or Friday of the exhibition period. Popopstudios will provide staff for a weeknight reception. If a weekend reception is desired (Saturday), Artist will pay for staff time @ $12/hour.

5. The Exhibition Committee may invite the artist to participate in a discussion of his or her work. Popopstudios will promote the exhibition on our website, in many local publications as well as via email to our extensive mailing list. Artists are encouraged to promote their exhibit through their own invitations and announcements.

6. Popopstudios reserves the right to refuse any art that is not suitable for display in a professional manner, or mounted and stabilized for pedestal display. All frames, armatures and mounting arrangements must be securely constructed. Work that is fragile in nature or whose framing or display arrangement is of questionable durability may be rejected.

7. The artist must insure their own work and displays work at their own risk; Popopstudios will not be held responsible for theft or damage to works while they are in the gallery.

8.  Permission to photograph and reproduce any work accepted in the exhibition for publicity purposes is considered granted unless otherwise stated in writing.

9.  Popopstudios will provide labels for each work on display. The artist must submit an inventory of works to be exhibited which must include the following for each piece: title, media, and price.

Please note that the following policies contain important deadlines:

Within two weeks of being notified that a submission was accepted for exhibition, the artist must submit signed contract with payment, and contact the Exhibition Director to arrange or confirm the exhibit dates and other deadlines, especially for promotional purposes.

At least two months prior to installation, artists must submit a draft of their promotional materials including a list of all works to be shown, with media, and retail selling price. The listing must include the artist’s name and telephone number. Artists are also requested to include a brief biography and artist’s statement.

Artists are responsible for delivering works to be exhibited to the exhibition director. Art work accepted for exhibition may not be mailed to us, nor will it be returned by mail. Installation will be handled by the exhibition director with assistance from the artist. Works are to be picked up by the artist within 48 hours of the conclusion of the exhibit – preferably on the actual date of closing since secure storage space is very limited.

Questions? Contact the Exhibition Director via email at or phone 242-322-7834.