Lucayan Redux Gives Voice To Prehistoric Culture


Photo by Lisa Wells

“The idea of Long Island being a prehistoric Lucayan metropolis intrigued me, as my grandparents are from there, and my grandmother especially has indigenous features. This was enough for me to consider the idea of Lucayans surviving the historic genocide,” Symonette explained.

AJ Watson Exhibition


Photo by Lisa Wells

The ANNEX at Popopstudios hosted a popup exhibition of work by Arjuna (AJ) Watson.


Tessa Whitehead Exhibition


Photo by Lisa Wells

Popopstudios is featuring an exhibition of Tessa Whitehead’s paintings from 2008 – 2013. The exhibition will be on display until mid-October. Please stop by and have a look.  11am-3pm Tuesday through Saturday or by appointment.

Freak Dancing


Photo by Lisa Wells

An exhibition of competitive play, creative dexterity and some seriously dope moves!

TS15: Figure It Out!

Photo by Lisa Wells

Pro Society’s theme for the 11th Annual Transforming Spaces Art Tour is “Figure it out!” In keeping with this theme the participants will create artwork by incorporating the human figure, either literally or abstractly.