Holly Parotti Presents…

By in News on June 2, 2011

Like Watching Grass Grow

Each shot in Holly Parotti’s “This is Not a Fairytale” is something the viewer recognizes, for they have already glimpsed and forgotten those fleeting yet vastly emotional moments found in everyday objects that sit quietly in wait for someone to hold their gaze.

Parotti does this beautifully, plucking them directly from our everyday with her iPhone — a modern tool often blamed for distraction, now used for meditation.

Little Lies Tell A Big Story

The result is a collection of overwhelming poignancy; each petit 4” x 4” frame reminding us of the stories of objects we live and interact with daily, yet often take for granted. Not only our stories, but the stories of the objects themselves — what are the fallen petals of bougainvillea whispering to the severed blades of grass? Does the older, dilapidated traffic cone feel jealousy next to its new, shiny counterpart? What unspeakable act has the unused chair in the corner seen? We can only begin to imagine, once we open our eyes and really look. – Sonia Farmer

It Is What It Isn't

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