Home Sweet Home

By in Previous Exhibitions on June 10, 2013

Artist Statement:  Nastassia Pratt

Architecture and the negative and positive spaces created by structures are interesting to me.  I create watercolor paintings predominantly with architectural structures as the subject matter because buildings tend to tell a story and I enjoy hearing these stories.

Older, historic residential buildings inspire me and I have found that my watercolor paintings and models are great mediums for continuing the narrative of how a structure functioned in the past, its present use and what it will become. I believe that engaging with the architectural landscape through my art places the responsibility of an architectural historian on my shoulders, a responsibility that I gladly embrace and enjoy.

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Why Nastassia is having this exhibition:

“It is my goal that this exhibition will raise funds that will enable me to complete my studies in Architecture. My work at the National Art Gallery of The Bahamas has exposed me to an array of research and writing opportunities about art and architecture.

“This, in turn, has stirred an interest in architectural history and technology, interests that I plan to explore at the postgraduate level. I am very excited about the future of architecture, technology and what history has to teach us about the built environment and ourselves.”

Nastassia Pratt

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