International Artist Participates In ‘Fibre’

By in News on March 22, 2012

Charles Campbell is among a new generation of contemporary Caribbean artists working to explore and disrupt the region’s dominant social narratives.

In his artist’s statement he says: “My practice has been primarily concerned with mapping and questioning the relationship between meaning and image, particularly as they relate to my personal and cultural background. Art is both a tool to examine my understanding of the world and to transcend it.”

The Transporter Project inhabits the interstices of a number of artistic, and political concerns. Begun initially as a visual investigation of the phenomenon of forced migration, the work also combines the desire to find a more material form for the motifs inhabiting my paintings with an emerging interest in the play between various aspirational futures and the present.

The result is a project that converts three-dimensional forms into complex image surfaces, playing between heavily loaded political narratives and utopian ideals, object and image, public and private spaces. Visit his website.

Charles currently lives and works in Canada, and is in Nassau for one week to participate in Transforming Spaces – Fibre. His work will be on display at Popopstudios.

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