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By in News on June 1, 2012

Amanda Lindroth

While looking the part of a laid-back islander, she is by no means one. I dare to make such a statement with a complimentary undertone.

Look up “juggler” in the dictionary and you may just find her name there, she puts on the act quite well. Wife to local property developer, Orjan Lindroth, and a mother to their daughter Liza, Amanda is also a notable interior designer whose work has been featured in magazines such as Coastal Living, Veranda Magazine and Real Living Magazine. Having overseen design projects of New Providence’s Old Fort Bay to Harbour Island’s Dunmore Hotel and Schooner Bay in Abaco – to name but a few – she has made a name for herself by preserving the historical integrity of great houses and commercial projects, all while breathing fresh life into the sundrenched parlors and flanked entryways. By displaying a clear appreciation of what once was with the preservation of Nassau’s Balmoral Club and what could be with Schooner Bay in Abaco she is an Island Connoisseur in every way.

Vanessa Pritchard: If you had to describe your Island Personality which island would it?

Amanda Lindroth: Abaco, specifically Schooner Bay. Schooner Bay is a complete blank canvas for me. I am having so much fun with that project because I get to design in different ways. For example I helped Bahamian artist Antonius Roberts with his home. Then I am helping another buyer with his home and he has a slightly more modern take when it comes to his preferred design style. We are using again vintage rattan but in a slightly more modern color.

I was once a Harbour Island “groupy” – for about twenty years I’ve been all about Harbour Island and I still love it there. That said, Schooner fits the next chapter of my life in which I want to be more contemplative and healthier. At Schooner we grow all of our vegetables and we live in such nature. I took India (Hicks) and David (Flint Wood) up for a weekend and it is one of those places that you are so relaxed that going to bed at 9 o’clock at night is normal.

Dinner at Schooner is a really unique experience. You get dressed and go down to the thatched roof cabana where the wind is blowing through, there you see a lit walkway with tiki-torches leading you to the cabana. You are sitting under the stars and they are barbequing meat and fresh fish for you. After dinner there is a bonfire on the beach waiting for marshmallows to be roasted over it and a glass of wine enjoyed around it. It’s really special.

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Interview by Vanessa Pritchard
Photos via Amanda Lindroth

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