Island Connoisseur – Dylan Rapillard

By in News on June 9, 2013

When a conversation begins with, “I look to each potential customer as a walking canvas, I don’t mean for it to sound that romantic but well, it really is…” then you know you are in for an inspiring interview.

It’s a balmy afternoon, much like any other on the brink of a tropical summer, and I’m sitting with Dylan Rapillard, Master Printer of Bahama Hand Prints – a small New Providence based factory and boutique where the tradition of hand screen-printing has been honoured for almost 50 years. In a few short months the company will launch their much anticipated new collection of clothing, accessories, and most importantly patterned fabrics – the starting point of each Bahama Hand Prints collection.

“When I design prints, I have to keep in mind that because we are a small company the prints have to be versatile, multidimensional and with one print we will make draperies, garments and wallets” says Dylan.

He then continues on, in a tone not falling short of being humble and says, “to know that one of the patterned bags or accessories I designed was purchased, when there are a million retail options out there in the world, well that’s just a real honour.”

This statement alone makes him an Island Connoisseur in every way.

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