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John Cox’s Volta NY 2014 work consists of what he refers to as “dark flowers”.

Constructed of bicycle inner-tubes, string and air, materials that represent both his passionate pursuit of biking and the extremes of slow deflating and forceful bursting, Mr Cox suggests that life is a constant search for balance.

Mr Cox’s work, “Filler,” is presented by Popopstudios of Nassau, a gallery space for local Bahamian artists created by Mr Cox and the first-ever gallery from the Caribbean to participate in an international art fair. (source article)

Judging by all the media mentions (more than 8 art news websites and blogs) John Cox and Popopstudios were very well-received and left a mark on the international art world. See below… (don’t miss the video at the end)

Portraits of Artists With Their Art Work

There were plenty of artists prowling the aisles of the New York art fairs along with the rest of us this week. There were also lots of artists standing by their work.

Read the article by Robin Cembalest,

John Cox, representing Popopstudios International Center for the Visual Arts, was one of those artists, mentioned and pictured in the article.

Photo at left by

In Art Net News:
The Imagination Runs Wild at VOLTA NY 2014

On the upper floor, two galleries from byeond-the-art world circuit places have extremely strong presentations in adjacent, centrally-sited booths. Bahamas-based gallery Popopstudios International Center for the Visual Arts (booth 2.27) brought a set of sculptures and prints by John Cox. The strong presentations includes a pair of abstract wall pieces made with rubber inner tubes from bicycle tires bent and folded to resemble flowers, as well as a totemic sculpture featuring a chair atop wave-like wooden forms fixed to the front end of a bike. That piece, High Chair, is priced at about US$2,200.

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Photo by Benjamin Sutton,

In Blouin Art Info:
60 Works In 60 Seconds

A Mercer Street loft is once again the home to VOLTA NY, now in its seventh edition. The fair — an invitational show of emerging solo artists’ projects — is featuring more than 90 galleries from five continents, highlighting artists from 30 different countries.

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Watch some quick highlights from the fair in 60 Works In 60 Seconds.

Photo by Regina Mogilevskaya,

In Complex Art & Design:
Emerging Artists From VOLTA 2014 Who You Should Know

Complex Art & Design recognized John Cox as one of the emerging artists people should know… (we already knew 🙂

Photo from Complex Art & Design

In Arts Observer:
Volta NY: 13 Artists to Watch

The artists who show at Volta may be emerging in the larger art world, but they have achieved some amount of recognition, perhaps in their region or particular area of practice. The majority of the work is thoughtful and demonstrates real artistic talent and vision.

John Cox of Popopstudios has been identified by Arts Observer as one of 13 artists to watch.

This year, there are a number of standouts… including John Cox of Nassau, who is presenting a series created with inner tubes

Photo: Arts Observer

In Arte Fuse:
PICTURE THIS: Get Jolted Again at VOLTA NY

When one gets jolted to attention because of an arresting piece of work, it is magic and the main function of this fair is to put that artist into your consciousness. ~ By Oscar Laluyan

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Photo below by Max Noy

In Droste Effect:
A Walk Through The Art. VOLTA NY Art Fair

A highlight on the second floor of the fair, a light-infused vintage loft-like space, was John Cox, a Bahamian artist represented by PopopStudios.

Cox’s attention grabbing Fillers is constructed of bicycle tubing filled to capacity with air (Cox explained that some of the tubes had actually burst during installation) and folding over to form a blossom-like organic shape, and fastening with twine onto an overhead wooden beam. Although weighty in appearance, the tubes nearly weightless and move gently in air. Also exhibited are the artist’s prints, imprints made from the deflated tubes which, if left alone, exhale completely in about two weeks. Like records of the tubular sculpture’s ephemeral existence, the prints function as rubbings or pressings of organic material that allow a continued engagement with a previous life.

by Mary Coyne
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In Fresh Art International
Fresh VUE: Armory Show Spinoff

Photo by Amy Sherald, Fresh Art International

On Flicker
Photo by Scott Lynch

Scott Lynch on Flicker

On VOLTA ART FAIR Facebook page:

John Cox (Popopstudios, Nassau) discusses his “everyday assemblage” works with collectors

Photos below by David Willems at VOLTA Art Fair.

An Art Diary And Photoblog By Vincent Romaniello

Photo above by Vincent Romaniello, RomanblogII

Photos below by James Nova


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Check out the lingering camera work on John Cox’s display starting at 11:19

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