John Cox On ARC Magazine Panel At Volta NY

By in News on February 18, 2014

Through a programming partnership with VOLTA NY, ARC Magazine will present “Metanoia: Practices of Exhaustion.”

ARC Magazine Co-founder and Editor-in-Chief and Holly Bynoe (St. Vincent and the Grenadines) and Junior Editor and Writer Blake Daniels (USA) will lead a discussion centered around Caribbean and diaspora based artists whose practices intersect various disciplines including New Media, Performance Art and Socially Engaged Practices. This informal discussion will highlight critical concerns in the development of visual language through the examination of private and public realities of contemporary Caribbean society.

The discussion will take place on March 7th from 6 p.m. at 82 Mercer Street, in the Talks Lounge at VOLTA NY’s location, and will be co-moderated by Holly Bynoe and Blake Daniels. Artists present include Olivia McGilchrist, feature prize winner of the trinidad+tobago film festival and ARC Magazine New Media Prize (Jamaica); John Cox, fine artist represented by PopopStudios, and artistic director of Baha Mar, Nassau (The Bahamas); Ian Deleon, social activist, educator and artist (Cuba/Brazil/Boston); Jayson Keeling, artist (Jamaica/USA); and Joiri Minaya, artist (Dominican Republic/USA).

Metanoia: Practices of Exhaustion will showcase how artists are reconsidering and re-evaluating evolving art traditions through the use of private and public avenues used to foster connections and to activate communities. The taboo of engaging in a healthy conversation around creativity, labour and the larger industry involves the renegotiation of presence and fixed criteria. The dialogue generated will explore ideas around intimacy, collaboration, process and social accountability, and will be discussed in tandem to the ways that artists deploy methodologies and principles that recount subjective exchanges and greater connective commonalities.

The panel will culminate on the evening of March 8th, 2014 at Grace Exhibition Space, Brooklyn where the informal conversation will transform from a discursive model into a one night exhibition showcasing a selection of New Media and Performative works by Kwesi Abbensetts (Guyana/USA), Steeve Bauras (Martinique/France), Jodie Lyn-Kee-Chow (Jamaica/USA), Allana Clarke (Trinidad & Tobago/USA), Gilles Elie Dit Cosaque (Martinique/France), Ian Deleon (Cuba/Brazil/USA), Jeannette Ehlers (Denmark), Antoine Hunt (Bermuda), Jayson Keeling (Jamaica/USA), Carolyn Lazard (USA/Haiti), Davina Lee (St. Lucia), Manuel Mathieu (Haiti/Montreal), Olivia McGilchrist (Jamaica), Michael McIntosh (USA/Jamaica), Joiri Minaya (Dominican Republic/USA), Nile Saulter (Jamaica), Nyugen Smith (Trinidad/Haiti/USA), Rodell Warner (Trinidad and Tobago), and Antonia Wright (USA).

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