TS12 – Katrina Cartwright

By in News on March 5, 2012

Transforming Spaces 2012 will engage in an exciting new exercise — a curated tour with a single theme. In conjunction with the Creative Nassau Initiative — a local committee of artists, designers, craftspeople and writers working to have Nassau designated a UNESCO City of Craft and Folk art —  present FIBRE.

Popopstudios-based ceramicist, Katrina Cartwright’s interpretation of the Transforming Spaces theme, “Fibre”, involves the creation of two hourglass-shaped vases representing the female figure. One will be white and the other black. When completed each hourglass vase will be dressed in a corset.

Through this work Katrina hopes to convey the message that even though throughout history skin colour has bred varying levels of racism, women – whether white or black – have always conformed to society’s view of their role, no matter how restrictive that role may be.

Katrina’s artwork will be on display at the Pink’un during the Transforming Spaces 2012 tour.

Photos by Ana-Lisa Wells

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