Kendal Hanna Inspires Amateur Artists

By in News on January 25, 2012

Overloaded by Francesca Curry

Emerging visual artists had the opportunity to showcase their work alongside veteran artist Kendal Hanna at the National Art Gallery’s one night only All-Star Amateur Exhibition.

The artists who vied to participate in the exhibit were asked to create work that reflected Kendal Hanna’s style. They all drew inspiration from Hanna’s retrospective exhibition titled “Happy Birthday To Me”.

Eighteen artists submitted pieces in the call for submissions. However, only twelve were selected for the exhibition.

“The event is the first of its kind and we at the National Art Gallery wanted to create a venue for amateur artists and veteran artists to mingle. We wanted amateur artists to get to showcase their work at museum level,” said Jordia Benjamin, education officer at the NAGB.

Artists who participated in the show included Felicity Carey, Astrid Adjuah Cleare, Francesca Curry, Tania Delmonte, Dion Farquaharson, Jasmyn Glinton, Lauren Glinton, J Hepburn, Kachelle Knowles, Steven Schmid, Giovanna Swaby, and Deime Ubani.

“I entered two of my paintings in the show. Only one was chosen and I think it is such an amazing opportunity. I submitted two paintings and I really did not think any of them would be chosen. This is my biggest accomplishment,” said 12 grade Lyford Cay student Francesca Curry.

By Steven Schmid

“It seems when I am angry I am able to make very good paintings. I had so much going on in my life at the time. I did IB Overloaded and it represents everything that I was going through in school and in my personal life,” she said.

Dion Farquharson’s photograph “Untold Stories” examines texture by bringing to life the surface of a rock.

“When you look at it, it does not look like a rock. The surface and texture of this rock really struck me. I was able to make the rock, which is a common thing, uncommon to the eye,” he said.

The artist drew inspiration from works by Kendal Hanna, who is known for his many abstract renderings.

“The most difficult part in creating any non representational painting is giving the viewer and the creator a sense of balance and completion. This is what I find most appealing about Kendal Hanna’s work. From his sculptural pieces to his conceptual drawing and paintings, he creates a sense of completion even in his most minimal works of art,” said amateur artist Steven Schmid.

“His approach to layering and using deteriorated objects is dually noted as a trademark of his. Inspired by these ideas, his mixed media painting was solely crafted to challenge the traditional precepts of beauty,” said Mr Schmid.

The All- star Amateur Artist exhibition also served as the closing for Kendal Hanna’s “Happy Birthday To Me” exhibit the gallery showcased for almost six months.

“The current exhibition of Kendal Hanna, pushed me out of my comfort zone. I usually love capturing shadows, and using color to create a particular mood. In creating portraits I have been consumed with capturing the right shadows, but he has inspired me to, with his simple use of black and sepia with loose lines and basic shapes,” said Tania Dalmonte, another participating artist.

By Kendal Hanna

“It takes great talent to be able to render the feeling as he does. I’m so grateful that I can express my work in a completely new way and I hope that in some way I can pay homage to this great artist,” she said.

Lauren Glinton, said the exhibition made her step out of her comfort zone and exposed her to a genre she would have not dabbled into otherwise. “I never really wanted to produce an abstract piece of work because I wasn’t exposed to it in a way that was appealing, until I realised the vivid colour Mr Hanna uses and the beauty of the randomness,” she said.

By Jeffarah Gibson
The Tribune
Published: Wednesday, January 25, 2012

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