Kishan Munroe Works On New Mural

By in News on February 7, 2012

Kishan Munroe at Popopstudios working on a small portion of his new mural

Kishan Munroe has been putting in long hours at his studio at Popopstudios ICVA. He is working on a new mural with a socio-political theme. More information to follow on the concept and where the mural will be displayed upon completion.

Kishan Munroe, born in Nassau,  is the product of a social, cultural and historic continuum of artists in a region where the tradition of art-making is expressed through its many layers of varied and complex histories.

In his Artist Statement, he says…

Inherent to my process is the devotion towards recreating realistic portrayals of individuals close to me while capturing their respective presences and unique physical characteristics/lineaments. They are intimate and sentimental perceptions of those I thought I knew. In response to this new awareness, I use this cognizant energy to express my interpretation of their life’s struggle.

Born within a West Indian cultural tradition by way of African heritage, I express my ideas through its complexities; a world affected by the plight of human history and highly influenced by Western European customs. My art borrows, from each, unique qualities and ideas born out of this exodus. From the classical masters throughout the centuries I adopt their earthy palette and technical style. This overwhelming influence of European traditions on my region allows me to lay claim to it as integral to my expression. I have brought these worlds together, Africa and Europe into dialogue, to invariably develop content and composition, to tell the story not only of Caribbean Diaspora but also of the human experience.
-Kishan Munroe

Photo by Ana-Lisa Wells

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