Matchbox of the Day

By in News on August 14, 2012

While in China recently for a ceramics course, Alistair Stevenson had the opportunity to participate in an ongoing international exhibition taking place in Australia – The Matchbox Show.

The exhibition consists of hundreds of pieces from many different artists. Entries must be at least 50% clay and able to fit inside a Red Heads matchbox.

Alistair was thrilled to find out that his piece was selected as “Matchbox of the Day” for Sunday, August 12.

The brown bits, Tian Bao, are fired pieces of clay from Jingdezhen City which are symbolic of soil. The Celadon pieces, Porcelain clay, are actual fragments broken from a bowl found at one of the many ancient kiln sites around that city. The Celadon fragments are possibly hundreds of years old, contributing to the name of the piece – “Remnant”.

“My concept behind this is to use these artifacts to express a sense of appreciation for ceramics being such a historical art form, one that sometimes goes unnoticed yet contributes in so many ways to daily living; plates, tiles, sculptures, mugs, and so on and so forth. Thank you so much for selecting this, The Matchbox Show! I am quite honoured to be a part of this exhibition,” said Alistair

About The Matchbox Show:
A collection of ceramic artworks Description The Matchbox Show is curated by Michael Ciavarella who works with fellow ceramic artist Sophy Blake on this touring art project. Entries must be at least half ceramic in content and to fit inside a redhead matchbox. Entry is free please download an entry form from the website. The aim of the show is to keep the art of ceramics alive.

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