Moviemakers To Create ‘Bahama Stories’

By in News on February 13, 2013

Photo by Lisa Wells

Bahamas Institute for Motion Pictures members Kareem Mortimer, Matthew Cromwell, and Tyler Johnston recently met at Popopstudios for a production meeting about the upcoming series of short films entitled “Bahama Stories” — a showcase for emerging Bahamian moviemakers.

This series of short films directed and produced by a local team of filmmakers and supported by the Bahamas Film Makers and Actors Guild, will rely on traditional story telling methods and characters to express unique facets of Bahamian life.

Working with a small motivated team of mostly volunteers and shot on digital cameras, the project hopes to be a model for independent moviemakers while demonstrating that the craft of filmmaking can be done professionally without relying on flashy gimmicks, expensive equipment, or big budgets. Instead, the Bahamas Institute of Motion Picture strives to create films though solid production teams and effective story telling.

Production for the first short, Pray for Strength, is scheduled to begin this month.

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