NAGB Film Screenings Complement Kendal Hanna Show

By in News on January 7, 2012

The National Art Gallery of The Bahamas’ (NAGB) first movie night of the year kicked off with a different kind of movie-going experience in a new environment — under the stars.

“Think artistic and fun because that is the kind of environment moviegoers will meet when they attend our double feature tonight,” said Bernard Petit, assistant curator of the gallery. “Coming out tonight will be much different than the experience they are accustomed to. It puts them in a whole different mindspace that is likely to really inspire them creatively.”

The films shown are all independent films or documentaries that aren’t ever likely to be seen in the movie theater.

The first movie night will complement the Kendal Hanna Retrospective Exhibition, “Happy Birthday to Me” which is now being featured at the art gallery.

Petit says it was intentional to put on films that speak to the featured artist’s work and his personal development as an artist. The films delve into the relationship between the mind and the creation of art.

“Crazy Art” (2009) is a compelling documentary on the role of creative expression in recovery from mental illness. And “Pollock” (2000) is a biopic that explores the pioneering style of the American abstract expressionist artist, Jackson Pollock. The Pollock film is an instrumental medium in understanding Kendal Hanna’s creative process and style, according to Petit.

The films which have been screened before to a small audience in previous years will be aired again with hopes of a greater crowd coming out to enjoy the pleasantries. Both films will be shown free of charge. Patrons can opt to view one film, or both.

Attending the viewing will be a fun experience and a real change of pace for Erin Rolle, a fan of art and films who frequents these events.

“I usually look forward to the weekends to go out to a club or party with friends but I’m getting quite bored with that so I am glad that this film series is back,” said the 20-year-old. “I used to attend it in the summer and it was really good then. The films aren’t blockbuster or Hollywood status but they are still nice, relatable and really insightful.”

Being able to enjoy a historic place is the main impetus for Gregory Wright, 22, to attend the film series tonight. The history student says he always looks for opportunities to enjoy the beauty of historic sites and really get to see what makes them unique first hand.

“Although I do love the films I get to see at the series my favorite part of the event is the site. It’s so nice and so Bahamian. It has been restructured to be an art gallery, but for the most part it still has its charm,” he says. “Even if you don’t want to see the film just coming to see the building and the art they have there is a really great thing. I love movies and I love films especially unusual ones like the ones they show at the gallery. So really there isn’t much more I can ask for when it comes to a great event.”

Chakera Bennett
The Nassau Guardian
Published: January 6, 2012

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