One Family Features Popop Junkanoo Costume

By in News on December 26, 2011

Photo by Jeffrey Meris

One Family presented an outstanding salute to deceased cultural icon Jackson Burnside in the Boxing Day Junkanoo Parade. Jackson was passionate about Junkanoo, art and the Bahamas.

Popopstudios was deeply honoured to be featured as part of this tribute.

The Popopstudios costume was deigned by Jeffrey Meris, a young designer working with the One Family Junkanoo Group. Jeffrey was asked to portray Jackson Burnside through various costumes representing three galleries… Doongalik Studios, the National Art Gallery of the Bahamas (NAGB) and Popopstudios. These entities were chosen due to Jackson’s tightly-woven relationship with them. The image at the center of the Popop costume was burrowed from one of Jackson’s paintings from The Master Artists of The Bahamas website (the image at top). The overall concept, explained Jeffrey, is that Jackson’s artwork is being featured on a Transforming Spaces tour between these three art galleries.

Photo by Carlene Toussaint

One Family 2011 Boxing Day Parade

Above photo by Harold Munnings

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