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Two Popopstudios-based artists – Jeffrey Meris and Tessa Whitehead – will be exhibiting new works in an upcoming exhibition at The D’Aguilar Foundation, entitled: ‘This is Yours, That is Mine’.

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Jeffrey Meris, an enterprising young artist who works out of Popopstudios, is leaping headfirst into the new year with some thought provoking new work.

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Bahamian women are often thought of as being outspoken, strong, ‘biggity’ – dare I say – and perhaps it is a result of this legacy of women who won’t suffer fools gladly, that has lead to women being painted in a less favorable light. But can we be blamed?

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Sun kissed her chocolate skin. White garments. Water, intended for purification, drenched her. A galvanized steel tub, one similar to the kind a woman washes clothes or children in, mimicked an auction block advertising her mystique to voyeurs.

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