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By in News on May 11, 2011

The Bahamian art duo Dede Brown and Dylan Rapillard will open their third annual art show with a promise of over sixty pieces of art that will “surprise, challenge and amuse.”

The pair, who are also a couple, present their art show under the enticing title “Peep Show”, a theme which Brown says is “all about the female form”.

Rapillard’s work this year – oil and acrylic paintings is primarily a commentary of sorts on how people are representing themselves online and in particular, an social network Facebook. Inspired by the sometimes surprising images that people create of themselves to display online, the paintings see women with digital camera or cellphone in hand, presenting themselves to the viewer in a variety of poses, all rendered by Rapillard in his recognisably bold and colourful style.

The work challenges us to think about our relationship with technology, ourselves and others in a cyber world.

Peep Show, Tribune Arts Section

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Brown’s work sees her drawing on themes which proved popular at last year’s exhibition, with finely painted visuals of the female form accented with cherries which intrigue and are suggestive.

Guests will also be treated to “a couple of other surprises”, said Brown, including an exhibit which offers them the chance to play a part in their own “peep show” and find themselves the subject of some artwork, if they so choose.

While the artists’ two previous shows were held at the Central Bank of the Bahamas, this year’s exhibition takes place where the art itself does – the more intimate setting of the Popopstudios Center For The Visual Arts. The show begins at 6pm with a cocktail reception. Work can be viewed until Friday, June 10.

By Alison Lowe
The Tribune

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