PJRP 2016 – Keith Thompson

Keith Thompson was born on February 26th, 1996 in Nassau, Bahamas. He is currently a pursuing an AA of Arts at the College of the Bahamas. He is also a practicing artist in search of residency and exhibition opportunities.

Artist Statement:
My creative practice involves Conveying black culture from any era or location into paintings. The goal is to show that there is a greater beauty in a race than just skin color, and how black culture spreads through other races. Also to portray the diversities of our cultures as they scatter across the globe and progress in time.

2013 – present AA, Fine Arts, College of the Bahamas

2014 – 2016 Pro Society Gallery N,B
2014 Public Treasury N,B
2014 – 2016 Popopstudios N,B
2015 Performing Arts Center, College of the Bahamas, N,B
2016 Hillside House N,B
2016 Towne Hotel N,B

2013 – Private trust company exhibition, Colonial Hilton
2014 – PTAP, Public Treasury
2014-2016 – Color in Harmony, College of the Bahamas
2014 – At Random, Popopstudios
2014-2015 College of the Bahamas Flamingo Ball
2015 – Sup, College of the Bahamas 2015 – Shakespeare in Paradise (set designer)
2015 – Transforming Spaces, Figure it out, Popopstudios
2015-2016 – Transforming Spaces; Triple Double, Popopstudios; Soil, Towne Hotel
2016 – Dirt, College of the Bahamas