PJRP Winner Opens Solo Show At The NAGB

By in News on July 8, 2016


Nowé Harris-Smith will be exhibiting a new body of work in the Project Space Room of the NAGB from July 7th through August 7th, 2016. The collection features a selection of paintings and photographs that deal with abstraction through the exploration of bodies and faces.

Figuration deals with interpretations of bodies and figures in space. Abstraction as a concept holds no concern in reproducing reality. Ironic then, when each of these seemingly disparate ideas and styles are paired with both painting and photography in relation to their respective difficult and warring histories as documentative mediums.

Nowé Harris-Smith, an emerging Bahamian artist, shows us her foray into reconciling the tension between the two battling mediums; tensions between reality and the imagined, between the ideas of bodies as symbols of our individuality but also as unifying vessels of the universality of our human experience. Painting as a medium is often illusory by nature – using a flat surface to allude to a dimensional world, until the past century where realism lost its primary hold and function.

But what happens when abstraction and removal from reality is not only applied in one medium that struggles with its history of documentation and representation, but also must contend with the birth and ubiquity of photography, a medium that esteems to reproduce images of the actual world around us?

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