Poinciana Paper Press Comes Home

By in News on March 13, 2012

After two years of being a nomad press, Poinciana Paper Press has relocated permanently to Nassau. After a little over a year of dormancy with the odd book-binding demonstration, Poinciana Paper Press founded and operated by Bahamian poet and journalist Sonia Farmer, has found a new studio space to house the recently acquired remnants of an old commercial letterpress print shop, formerly owned by Bahamian Oscar Johnson, Sr.
(Excerpt source: Bahamian Arts and Culture)

Sonia Farmer writes:
I’ve been waiting for this to happen ever since I moved home. I had no idea a letterpress shop was already sitting around in Nassau waiting patiently for someone to come along and see its potential.

Because wow. WOW. I have a lot of work ahead of me restoring, organizing and moving the equipment, but I am so ready. It’s been too long.

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Poinciana Paper Press is hosting a Scrapbook-Binding Party at Popopstudios on Saturday March 17

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