Popop Mural Design

By in News on August 30, 2012

The Design

Popop’s current resident artist, Chawne Paige, is leading a collaborative mural project on Popop’s grounds. The mural, located in the rear area of the main building, will be a permanent part of the campus.

Chawne's mural mock-up

Here is a small glimpse of the mural project. The image above is a mockup rendering put together by Chawne. It shows one layer of the overall design at the back entrance.

Elements of the design from Chawne’s sketchbook.

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It’s been a long time since these walls were scrubbed and washed. The space has been primarily used as a heavy-work and storage area for a long time. Most of Wednesday was spent preparing the walls to be painted. Take a look at our progress

Photos by Ana-Lisa Wells unless otherwise credited

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