Popopstudios: A “Unique Caribbean Creative Community”

By in News on September 6, 2013

Launched in early 2011, ARC magazine has quickly won an enthusiastic audience for its coverage of contemporary Caribbean art, with a focus on younger artists close to the cutting edge.

Based in Bequia, editor-in-chief Holly Bynoe — also an artist and curator — spends much of her time travelling to fulfil a busy programme of launches, exhibitions, and other art-world events.

Caribbean Beat asked Holly: You’ve visited galleries and other art spaces across the region. Do you have a favourite one, and what makes it special?

Popopstudios International Center for Visual Art in the Bahamas has been the unique Caribbean creative community experience for me. There is a diffusion of hierarchies and the formation of one solid community that works like a well-oiled machine.

At Popopstudios they allow for experimentation and have an increasing regionalised view of Caribbean art. There is something special in the Bahamian creative community, and Popopstudios is an anomaly in the Caribbean, where networks and niches are pervasive.

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September/October – 2013

Popop to Holly: Thanks Holly, we love you too!

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