Popopstudios Management

By in News on September 6, 2016

duke-8073-3-2Duke Wells has resigned as Executive Director of Popopstudios, effective September 1, 2016.

After four years of administrative responsibilities, Duke & Lisa Wells are resigning their management positions at Popopstudios to focus more on their personal art practices and to devote more time to the Bahamian Project, which is entering its fourth year of successful operations.

“Duke Wells is a longstanding member of the Popopstudios artist community. His dedication to not only his craft but also to the administrative stability of Popopstudios has been of great benefit to us all,” said Founder & Creative Director John Cox.

Both Lisa and Duke will keep their respective studios, lisa-wells-3928remaining as working artists and enthusiastic members of the Popop art community. They will also continue to manage the website and newsletter and coordinate social media activities.

Going forward, management inquiries should be directed to either John Cox or Heino Schmid.

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