Relate: Steven Schmid & Veronica Dorsett

By in News on February 11, 2013

An exhibition by Popopstudios Junior Artists in Residence
Steven Schmid and Veronica Dorsett
February 15, 2013
The National Art Gallery of the Bahamas

The topic ‘Relate’ acts a catalyst for both Popop Junior Residency Artists Steven Schmid and Veronica Dorsett to investigate personal queries, thoughts and ideas and bring them to the forefront.

With a great sense of accomplishment also comes the acknowledgement of the personal processes both artists underwent to reach this point. The influences on both Schmid and Dorsett’s work over the past year have manifested in unique ways all thanks to the Popop Jr. Residency Program and the many opportunities associated with the prize.

The exposure to numerous galleries in New York City, an unforgettable symposium created at Schooner Bay, Abaco, The Bahamas, the opportunity to display their work in the 6th National Exhibition and a final show at the National Art Gallery of The Bahamas, has all undeniably changed and expanded the mindset of both artists.

With close attention to her own personal and most direct day to day relationships, Dorsett seeks to engage her viewers through that age old notion of “patching things up” when problems arise within relationships. This quest to “fix” that which is broken within any relationship, be it, husband and wife, mother and child, sister and brother, etc. is often our natural inclination toward those whom we love most in our lives. It is through the use of paper and everyday objects which “hold” things together (such as safety pins or tape) that Dorsett raises questions of whether these relationships are worth “fixing” or will they continue to fall apart regardless?

Schmid approaches the topic from a different standpoint. Combining drawing, painting and various found and often overlooked objects, he creates a narrative that investigates the adoption of each other’s personalities, ideas and beliefs while in a relationship. He utilized this creative process to simultaneously investigate the various relationships between the artist, the chosen materials and the viewer through the juxtaposition of various symbolisms. He creates a personal narrative but invites viewers’ interpretation and projections on the various symbolisms to create their own story.

By Veronica Dorsett

By Steven Schmid

By Veronica Dorsett


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