School of Doodle: Calling all Nassau Girls!

By in events on April 6, 2016


Calling all Nassau Girls!! School of Doodle is coming to life with a Be Loud Workshop on April 16th at Popopstudios!

Stop by for talks, workshops and performances by rad artists, experts and girls! AND, everyone who participates gets the chance to be the face of Doodle’s ad campaign in the September issue of Dazed magazine!

So, get ready to create, connect and kick ass!

All Day Workshops
Face Collage with Dazed Magazine
Art Baby Gallery’s Interactive Art Installation Baby Gallery
Leave Your Mark: Doodle Zine Station

Here’s the deal on Doodle….

The revolution will not be televised. Instead, the revolution will spark on School of Doodle, an awesome online platform that lets girls rule and take charge of our creative education. Through School of Doodle, we learn skills from peers and pioneering women, get inspired by girl-made content, and access support and tools from a network of girls and women who let their freak flag fly. Think of it as an interactive crash course in how to be a total badass with the knowledge and know-how to BE LOUD. — Amanda, 18yrs

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