Popop Junior Artists In Schooner Bay

By in News on July 9, 2011

Exciting, challenging and eventful describes this years Schooner Bay second annual Eco-Art Symposium! Each year Schooner Bay, via resident artist Antonius Roberts, invites several Junior artists to participate in the symposium.

This year’s team was directed by renowned Bahamian artist John Beadle along with John Cox; advisor to the students. Invitations were extended to junior artists Tiffany Williams, June Collie, Natasha Vazquez, Keva Fawkes, Richardo Barrett and Alistair Stevenson. The symposium’s aim was to provide junior artists with the opportunity to expand their knowledge using found objects as a main source for creating art.

Students were provided with a unique opportunity to create site-specific temporary work in response to waste washing up on the shores of South Abaco’s Beaches.

The three day symposium began with a surprise adventure taking them on a rugged hike to a beach at Hole in the Wall. Following this experience accompanied by another at Long Beach, students were able to dialogue about the frequent occurrence of trash on the beaches.  Subsequently, three dimensional concept sketches were proposed and ultimately the team decided that a boat would be the most engaging symbol for this project.

Ultimately the purpose of the artwork produced this year is to serve as a temporary aesthetic piece, but also to create awareness about the beach debris. A special thank you is to be given to noted Photographer Patricia Vazquez for photographic documentation of the development and execution of this project, as well as the amazing and inspirational Clint Kemp for hosting the team.

By Keva Fawkes (Junior resident artist participating in the program)

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