Setting Up For 20/20 – Opening Wednesday December 19

By in News on December 18, 2012

Photo by Lisa Wells

When hindsight is always 20/20, it implies a longing for things to have taken place differently. But this isn’t the case with the rapid evolution of contemporary Bahamian art, which for the last 20 years has expanded the boundaries of how Bahamian artists define themselves and their practices.

Hoping to pay homage and expand this conversation, two contemporary abstract Bahamian artists, Toby Lunn and John Cox, reunite in the collaborative exhibition “20/20” opening next week at Popopstudios International Center for the Visual Arts.

For the pair – who have known each other all of their lives – the exhibition is not so much a retrospective imbued with finality but rather another significant milestone in the conversation they’ve held with themselves and the wider art community since their first exhibition together in 1992 at the Bahamian Art Gallery in downtown Nassau.

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Photo above: Heino Schmid

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