Sketch24 Funds Put To Good Use

By in News on June 14, 2011

With nearly a dozen working artists and a parade of both local and international residents, we have a small army of artists to feed at Popopstudios. If you’ve ever seen our old kitchen at Popop you’ll wonder how we’ve done it.

Well, that’s changing as you read this, thanks to the generous response to the Sketch24 fundraiser we held at the end of April.

Nearly 30 artists, working in shifts, spent 24 hours straight sketching and drawing. Drawing from live models, still life set ups or just from imagination, over 100 pieces of art were created.  At the end of the drawing marathon the works of art were sold to raise money to completely refurbish our kitchen and dining facility.

Major renovations are underway and we expect to have them completed within a week or two. Stop by after that to check it out while you take a look at Lavar Munroe’s exhibition, Invasion.

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