Tessa Whitehead In London Exhibition

By in News on September 10, 2016


Something About Failure brings together the work of fellow Slade Painting Graduates, Rose Davey and Tessa Whitehead.

Both artists have been making works on paper for the past year:

I made these drawings in response to the dense landscape and hot summers that I am surrounded by at home, in The Bahamas. I wanted to, somehow, describe the effect of looking at the landscape; the impenetrable bush, the strong light, and overwhelming sound of cicadas (or singers as I know them). In a way they are failures, but the remnants of my attempts is what I always expected.
Tessa Whitehead

For the past seven years I have continually represented a rectangle within the rectangular confines of the canvas. However, this show is an attempt to move away from this persistent logic through the use of collage and drawing. The intention is to pull out the desired energy frustratingly confined to the sketchbook by making the type of work I have felt too self conscious to create. Recent works repeat the geometric forms of earlier paintings, but employ a more casual attitude to material in their attempt to describe the rectangle.
Rose Davey

Opens on Friday 23rd and Saturday 24th September 12- 6pm
Austin Forum
55 Fulham Palace rd, Hammersmith, London, W6 9PH

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