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By in News on February 2, 2016

Photo: John Cox

The new year has brought in some exciting plans for Popopstudios. Popop’s leaders last month recommitted themselves to developing the studios and gallery’s programming with an open studios event. Next up on the agenda is a series of drawing classes.

Art of DrawingThe classes are not a new concept for Popop. Artist and Popop Founder John Cox introduced them three years ago and will again lead them when they begin in February.

“I’d done drawing lessons years ago at Popop. They were fun to teach, and I think the people who took them found them a positive experience, but I never had time to continue it because I had another job that took me away from putting in the time there,” recalled Cox.

“Now I have the time to be back and focus on the studio, and I figured this could be a way to add to the programming again.”

Learners of all skill levels are welcome to try their hands – quite literally – at figure drawing. Cox has found mixed-ability groups to be beneficial to both participant development and confidence. Also, because the class focuses strictly on the human figure, he believes learners will have much freedom for interpretation and expression.

Art of Drawing class at Popop“What’s happened in the past is there’s always been a natural combination of people who are quite experienced with people who are not, and it ends with a happy medium,” he explained.

He added: “The figure is such a genre in and of itself. It’s so fundamental to all types of drawing, and it’s a building block.”

The three-hour classes will be kept intentionally small. They can accommodate up to eight students and Cox will give feedback throughout the duration of both sessions.

The lessons will begin in the first week of February and will be held on a weekly basis for four weeks. Students must book classes in four-week blocks. During each class, students will go through “warm-ups” (sketching a series of quick, 30-second or minute-long poses) and then move on to longer timed sessions.

Classes will be held from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. on Thursday evenings and 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Saturdays, beginning February 4. Four-week blocks can be booked for $300. There is limited space available for Thursday evenings. To book a spot, call Popopstudios at 322-7834.

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Written by Corinne Lampkin
Originally posted on The Mixed Media Blog, NAGB
Photos by John Cox


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