Tickle Me Pink Opens March 8th

By in News on March 1, 2013

This year’s exhibition entitled, ‘Tickle Me Pink’ is a compilation of art work in which the artists take a step back from their usually more profound and provocative paintings and refocus on the aesthetics of Bahamian subject matter. Experimenting with technique, mixed media, pattern and colour, the artists hope their work will be viewed in the lighthearted, fun manner in which it was created.

Working with aerosol, oils, pen and ink – Dylan Rapillard’s work demonstrates layers upon layers of pattern and colour, creating intricate collage pieces of which sea shells and various other Bahamian flora and fauna are the focal point.

“I was getting tired of painting portraits and decided to shift my focus to the subject matter that I draw and paint everyday for Bahama Hand Prints but I wanted to take it a step further and experiment more with medium and pattern. Some of my pieces were started years ago. At that point, they were simple paint drippings which I like doing, but its been done. I decided to work over several of these pieces, creating new layers of various patterns, shells, leaves, birds and so on. We want our audience to enjoy this work; it’s aesthetic, it’s fun.”

Dede Brown’s subject matter is of our country’s national bird, the flamingo. In early 2010, she was selected by the Nassau Airport Development Company (NAD) as one of 12 artists to create a unique art piece for a specific location in the new international airport.

“I wanted to take this opportunity to practice painting flamingos, achieve the correct shades of pink and develop a style in which I want the birds to look. ‘Tickle Me Pink’ will feature paintings of flamingos which are essentially practice, ‘my studies’ for the many more I will be painting over the next 6 months. I really wanted to have fun with the subject matter and tried to come up with more interesting and playful compositions in keeping with my style of painting while experimenting with a few new techniques.”

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