Transforming Spaces 2012 Call for Works Forum

By in News on October 28, 2011

Transforming Spaces is now in its eighth year and has become a significant component in the development of visual art in New Providence. Our tours have provided a window into the galleries, studios, artwork and lives of the best visual art organizations and practitioners in the country.

The Transforming Spaces mission has been to promote local artists, reflect current trends in Bahamian art, and expose and educate patrons to the inner workings of the Bahamian art industry while challenging both artists and audiences to create and perceive art in new and innovative ways.

In the spirit of our mission to expose, innovate, challenge and encourage a unique cross fertilization between the creative disciplines, Transforming Spaces 2012 will engage in an exciting new exercise — a curated tour with a single theme. In conjunction with the Creative Nassau Initiative — a local committee of artists, designers, craftspeople and writers working to have Nassau designated a UNESCO City of Craft and Folk art — we present FIBRE.

FIBRE is a call to fine artists, designers of all types, architects, photographers, as well as, other LOCAL artisans to put aside the traditional scope of materials and to engage your creative processes within and without the limitations of fibrous materials from any part of the country’s indigenous plants (e.g. banana, palm trees, sisal, coconut palm). We are also interested in literary, poetic and historical responses.

The goal of FIBRE is to challenge participants to look at the history of local materials and to re-imagine their original purposes, characteristics and contexts.

We are looking for a response to these materials that honor the past, but more importantly, seek to breathe new life into how we see these materials in the modern world. There are no limitations to what form your solutions take. Both utilitarian and non-functional objects are acceptable.

Participants should ‘push the envelope’ with regard to how the materials are manipulated and fabricated. Other support materials may be used to assist in the structural or mechanical aspects of your designs but the majority of the material must be made from fibres. Both individuals as well as teams may submit ideas. Conceptual responses will also be accepted.

If you are interested in participating in this unique event, please read the guidelines. You may also contact the Transforming Spaces Committee at 328-7916 or Ms Luann Morris at the NAGB at 328-5800 or send an email to

Consider the Possibilities!

John Cox